Welcome to zkcloud

Welcome to zkcloud docs.

Welcome to zkcloud. You will find useful information on how to use zkcloud here. If you like our service, please share the zkcloud service with everyone else.

Getting Started

  1. Login to application

  2. Get proof time

  3. Generate proof by uploading files

Login to applicaiton

You need to install the meta mask in your browser before you can log in. Our login is very easy, you don't need an email address or password to log in. Please allow zkcloud from Connect to a wallet on the login page.

Get proof time

Proof time is required to generate proof. We offer three payment methods. Pay with your preferred payment method from zksync, ethereum and lihghtning network.

Generate proof by uploading files

Let's generate a proof from the dashboard. Select proof type from Modal. Then upload the circom file and input file to start generating proof. On our app, small circuits can be generated immediately. Let's update the status and check by reloading your browser. Once you have generated the proof, you can download the zip file on the table. You can get proof.json, public.json and verification-key.json.

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